The Improveneers made their big stage debut on July 26th in Akron! The Improvaneers is the first-ever all Down syndrome improv group, and four out of the ten Improvaneers are Buddy Up Tennis Athletes. Audrey Costilow, Theresa Buzzelli, Emily King, and Dani Chase have been members of our Buddy Up Tennis family for years, but they also know how to strike a funny bone through their involvement with the Improvaneers. 

In learning the sport of tennis and the art of improv, Audrey, Theresa, and Dani are building their confidence, advancing their social skills, improving reaction times, making new friends, and becoming leaders in their communities. 

Although two different programs, both Buddy Up Tennis and the Improvaneers help build our Athletes’ confidence in supportive and social environments. Buddy Up Tennis Lorain Athlete Audrey Costilow highlights how being a Buddy Up Tennis Athlete and an Improvaneer has been beneficial to her. “Buddy Up Tennis has showed me how to challenge myself to try new things, like being an Improvaneer. Buddy Up Tennis has been in my life for five years, and over a year as an Improvaneer. Both let me work on my confidence, using what we have learned, making new friends and having FUN.”

Buddy Up Tennis Athlete/Improvaneer Audrey Costilow.

Friends and a strong community are so important to our Athletes with Down syndrome. Audrey notes that her favorite part of being both an Athlete and an Improvaneer is the amazing friendships that she has made and continues to make. To this end, Audrey has embraced her community and personally fundraised to support her passions, which are Buddy Up Tennis and the Improvaneers!

Learn about the Show: Not Your Average News Team

Audrey, Theresa, Emily, and Dani along with six other individuals with Down syndrome (ages 18-47) performed at the Weathervane Playhouse in Akron on July 26th and July 27th. The show is also be directed by Rob Snow, dad of Henry who has Down syndrome, comedian, and Founder of Stand Up For Downs. Tickets can be bought in advance HERE

There will be many scenes for which the audience will “laugh their socks off!” But, Audrey gives us a peak into one of her favorite and funniest scenes, “The emotional Uber” in which she gets to act out emotions! 

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Audrey, Theresa, Emily, Dani, and all Buddy Up Tennis Athletes are EXTRAordinary on and off the courts as they continue to make strides in their communities.

Break a leg, Improvaneers!