To capture and keep the attention of a large Zoom group via unique engagement strategies is no easy task, but our extraordinary Buddy Up Virtual instructors have done just that over the past year! Miss Kimberly Skeie, Coach Jill Hasskew, Coach Kyle Collette, and Coach Tyler Wharton have become celebrities amidst our Buddy Up for Life Athletes, as they taught Zumba, Kickboxing, and Fitness Classes weekly. 

Even when the sun is shining, our Athletes choose to stay in to dance with Miss Kimberly on Thursday nights! Her classes focus on movement, fun, and increased self-confidence. Her unique class structure, involving learning new dances as well as providing our Athletes with the opportunity to individually shine, keeps our Athletes coming back week after week. We hear tell that Miss Kimberly loves the class every bit as much as our Athletes, and even shared with the Athletes, “Every week after Zumba class with you, I am counting down the days to dance with you again!” 

Coach Jill’s Kickboxing class keeps our Athletes moving every minute of the hour! The energy just does not stop, and neither do our Athletes. Coach Jill’s many years of experience as a Kickboxing instructor are truly apparent in our classes. She introduces new routines to our Athletes each week, and her teaching style includes just the right balance of breaking down the routines for manageability and pushing our Athletes to kick at increased speeds, all while serving as the perfect kickboxing model for them to emulate.

Buddy Up Fitness is a challenging HIIT workout designed specifically for our Athletes. Through their teamwork, Coaches Kyle and Tyler successfully implemented the class virtually for our Athletes. The two shared an unparalleled level of energy and expertise with Athletes from across the nation. Each week, our Athletes achieved exciting new Personal BESTs, thanks in large part to Coaches Kyle and Tyler’s leadership, support, and high expectations. 

Building the Buddy Up for Life environment relies on coaches, trainers and instructors that hold the same underlying philosophy of expecting more from our Athletes. Miss Kimberly and Coaches Jill, Kyle, and Tyler enthusiastically shared this philosophy with our Athletes in the virtual space over the past year, and we are so grateful for their dedication to helping our Athletes achieve and succeed, both in and outside of the gym.