Cody (16) wants to stand tall as a police officer.

Buddy Up Tennis has a critical mission: We help individuals with Down syndrome develop the confidence and self-worth on the court that enables them to conquer life’s challenges and achieve their fullest potential off the court. We are committed to redefining expectations of life with Down syndrome and helping our Athletes and their families turn dreams into manifested realities, by providing a fun, active, and supportive environment for our Athletes to grow. 

On the tennis courts and in the gym, our Buddy Up Tennis Athletes strive to reach their fullest physical and mental potential, but off the courts and outside of the gym, each Athlete also nurtures her or his own dreams and aspirations for the future. Although society has come so far in recognizing that our Athletes can and will be meaningful and essential members of the community, we still have a way to go in ensuring that every individual with Down syndrome can proudly achieve their dreams.

For many of our Athletes, pathways to realizing dreams of becoming a fireman, teacher, police officer, lawyer, nurse, and more are still blocked. But at Buddy Up Tennis, we believe in the abilities of our Athletes, have high expectations for where they are headed, and are ceaselessly working to create a bridge to their desired futures. This year, we provided our Athletes with the exciting chance to step into the shoes of their desired community contribution role. Each Athlete’s dream speaks volumes, and Buddy Up Tennis is committed to helping our Athletes break down every barrier so they can achieve these dreams.  

With the hope and goal of enhancing the ability of our Athletes and all of those with Down syndrome to live out their dreams, our future is truly brighter than ever. Join us in our journey to create an environment where individuals with Down syndrome can shatter expectations and become the firefighters, police officers and teachers of tomorrow! 

Stay tuned for our first off-court training program designed to create confidence and skills for future independence for those in the Down syndrome community, empowering them to live intentional lives that impact the world!

Learn about some of our EXTRAordinary Athletes and their dreams!

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Will (14) plans to be a heroic firefighter.

Maria (22) dreams of becoming a veterinarian.

Avery (12) has decided to make change as a future teacher.

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