Delaney made 25 personalized Easter Baskets and donated a portion of her sales to the Buddy Up Tennis 3.21 Fundraising Campaign!

11 year old, Delaney Woods’ passion for Buddy Up Tennis extends beyond her time on the courts and through her creative fundraising efforts in which she made and sold 25 personalized Easter Baskets for her friends and neighbors. During the 3.21 Fundraising Campaign, Delaney donated $100 from her Easter Basket sales to Buddy Up Tennis, our organization has been close to Delaney’s heart for over five years.

When Delaney’s family first started volunteering, she was just six years old, too young to jump on the court as a Buddy, but eager to help out. More recently, Delaney has served as a peer Buddy on the courts in Columbus with some of our younger Athletes, and as a team member during our Buddy Up Fitness Sessions. Her favorite part of joining in during clinics is seeing our Athletes’ growth from week to week, “I really like helping people in general and at Buddy Up Tennis, I feel like I am really making a difference. It’s really awesome to see the improvement that the players make each week,” says Delaney.

Members of the Buddy Up Fitness Team in Columbus including Delaney (far right).

Delaney may only be 11 years old, but her involvement in Buddy Up Tennis has already started to influence her future career goals, “I’ve loved my experience with Buddy Up Tennis so much that I have started researching careers…I think I want to be an occupational therapist working with children with special needs.”

From on court volunteering to fundraising, Buddies play an integral role in our weekly clinics. Buddies like Delaney and their passion for working with our Athletes creates the unique atmosphere found at all Buddy Up Tennis clinics. Thank you, to Delaney for her huge heart, dedication, and support of Buddy Up Tennis!