The impact of Buddy Up For Life extends far beyond our Athletes alone. From parents, to volunteers, to coaches: our program touches the lives of everyone involved.
Founded in December of 2008 as a single tennis clinic in Columbus, our organization has expanded rapidly across the country thanks to our coaches, volunteers, staff, partners, and numerous supportive parents who have recognized the impact our programs have. Buddy Up For Life, Inc. is more than just a set of programs– we are a movement that utilizes tennis, fitness, and fun to make strides for the Down syndrome community and its allies nationwide.



“Buddy Up Tennis has taught my daughter so many skills, both physically and mentally. She has something to look forward to on the weekends, and she’s developed friendships and camaraderie with the Buddies, Coaches and other Athletes. “
– Gayle (Athlete’s Parent)

“I am very grateful for Buddy Up Tennis. It’s teaching our children all kinds of skills not just related to tennis. They’re interacting with other people and making new friendships, following directions and gaining confidence because everything is broken down into small steps. They’re also getting exercise and having fun in a non-competitive environment. My boys have come a long way and have improved in tennis skills and behavior both on and off the court! I also enjoy getting a break during clinics where I can spend the time reading, working on something or hanging out with other moms. The continual enthusiasm and passion of the leaders of Buddy Up Tennis is impressive!”
– Tracy (Athlete’s Parent)

“I love Buddy Up Tennis and seeing the Athletes grow in their tennis skills and increase in their willingness to participate. By far, the most rewarding part of Buddy Up Tennis for me is the smiles of the shy participants who warm up to the group and glow with pride as they accomplish new feats and participate in the group activities. I really think it’s about the growth and development physically and mentally for both the Athletes and the Buddies.”
– Anna (Buddy)

“Buddy Up Tennis has inspired me to get involved with other organizations involving special needs and led me to consider special education as a future career. The Athletes are the most fun, caring, smart, loving and talented individuals you will ever meet. ”
– Camille (Buddy)





“I have been with Buddy Up Tennis since Day 1. It has truly been a blessing for myself and my family. One of my life’s goals is to the Change the World. Through Buddy Up Tennis that goal is being achieved. It has taken a village to get where we are now and I can’t wait to see where we are in the next few years.        
– Doug (Founding Coach)

“Come Saturday mornings with the Buddy Up Athletes, without fail, something occurs that can make your entire week change – for the better! From the sincerest hugs and thanks that you have ever experienced to awestruck joy at the accomplishment of a good forehand or backhand. The pure elation and joy displayed and shared among Athletes, Buddies and Coaches is without a doubt one of the greatest feelings to experience in the world. To have the privilege of being a part of this program is one of the most rewarding opportunities of my life.”
– Kyle (Coach)

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