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SUMMER Session 


The Buddy Up Connections Program serves as the foundation of friendship for Athletes and Buddies. Through the meaningful connections that are built over time, Athletes expand their social circles. Buddies create new friends, while learning and practicing leadership skills, as they are leading each meeting. These 1:1 connections meet weekly throughout a session of 10 weeks, and as relationships strengthen, many pairs continue to meet on an ongoing basis.

“Buddy Up Connections created an unique opportunity for my son to connect with a new peer, create and build a friendship, and share fun teenage activities.”
~Columbus Athlete Parent

Location & Contact

You pick! Hybrid-Virtual and In Person. 

Contact Information


For questions or further inquires, please contact your local Connections Facilitator via email.


Program Meeting

Paired Athletes and Buddies meet weekly.



June 13 – August 2


Athletes will build relationships with their Buddies through natural, ongoing, socialization.


Athletes and Buddies will be given a variety of tennis and fitness drills and exercises to work on, together! 


Athletes will be introduced to a variety of themes through different types of activities that will allow them to explore new interests and talents.


Athletes will improve their soft communication skills through ongoing guided prompting and facilitation by the Buddies.



Foster a Peer Friendship
Increase Socialization Skills
Gain Confidence
Try New Activities
Strengthen Core
Have FUN


Meet once a week for 60-90 minutes for 10 weeks virtually or in-person with the Buddy. NEW Buddies must attend a Buddy Boot Camp training session led by experts. All Buddies will be expected to join a Beginning of the Session Meeting and track their completion of activities/meetings, weekly.



Grow Personally
Enhance Leadership Skills
Connect and Give Back
Make a Difference
Be a Role Model
Have FUN


Meet once a week for 60-90 minutes for 10 weeks virtually or in-person with the Buddy. All Athlete Families will be expected to join a Beginning of the Session Meeting.


Each meeting between Athlete and Buddy may involve: Tennis and Fitness, Communication Development, and Themed Activity Library. Robust activity library includes virtual field trips, in person field trips, educational opportunities, arts and crafts, hands on learning, music, dance, and more-all within the weekly theme! 

7 Week SUMMER Session:
June 13 – August 2
YOU choose the time & the place!

Buddies: Ages 14+
Athletes: Ages 10+ rec.

Activity Ideas to Choose From Include:

  • Fitness
  • Tennis
  • Science FUN
  • Service
  • Fall Experiences
  • Sports
  • Cooking
  • and MORE!



“Buddy Up Connections gave the Athletes an opportunity to work on social skills and have fun during this challenging time.”

My daughter really looked forward to the FaceTime calls with her Buddy!
~ Grand Rapids Parent 

Buddy Up Connections helped my Athlete with social skills, friendship and allowed her to learn new activities and skills.
~ Orlando Parent 

Buddy Up Connections gave my Athlete something to look forward to each week.
~Columbus Parent 

This was a nice opportunity to practice interacting with a peer and try new things for my son.
~ Arlington Heights Parent 

The benefit of forming a relationship with the Buddy and having the social interaction this summer was extremely valuable at a time when so much social contact has been cut off. Buddy Up Connections was a huge part of my daughter’s summer.
~ Columbus Parent