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Buddy Up Life Skills

Within the Independence Pillar, the Buddy Up Life Skills Program provides opportunities for our Athletes ages 14+ with tangible skills necessary for employment, volunteer opportunities, and a sense of independence in adult life. We combine our proven learning environment with specific field experts to create a pathway for individuals with Down syndrome to thrive and become meaningful members of society.

Buddy Up Life Skills programs are currently preparing curriculums in Communication, Cooking, Home Alone Safety,/Babysitting, Finance, and Technology, each having defined beginners, intermediate, and advanced skills and competencies that are observable and able to be documented that can align with 3rd party certifiers or by certifications created by Buddy Up For Life. Classes are in a pilot phase for Columbus Athletes with plans for further offerings in 2022.

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“Cooking for Life is more than just, cooking recipes. The Culinary Chef partnered with the Buddy Up for Life team creates the perfect learning environment for my Athlete. It is a hands on skills based class teaching kitchen safety, cooking methods and meal preparations.  The Life work activities outside of class are a fun and engaging way to retain the newly learned skills as well!”
~Columbus Athlete Parent
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Location & Contact


Currently in Columbus, OH Only

Buddy Up for Life, Inc. Office located at  8000 Walton Parkway New Albany OH 43054

Contact Information


For questions or further inquires, please contact your local Connections Facilitator via email.



Communication for Life Level 1: Thursdays 6-7pm

Communication for Life Level 2: Tuesdays 6-7pm 


FALL 2021 Session

Weeks of September 13-December 6

*Athletes are partnered with volunteer Buddies to individualize the learning experience for all.




Session Cost*: Varies by Program for Athletes

*No cost for Buddies.


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