Athletes Will Gibson and Sarah Davis love two things: being in front of a camera and Buddy Up Tennis. As family members of Buddy Up Tennis leadership, these two are often the stars of Buddy Up Tennis training and monthly news videos for our location leaders. Recently, however, Sarah and Will have found themselves at the center of something new: Buddy Up Tennis Virtual Programming, and needless to say, they are having a blast! More than that, though, these two Athletes are helping many Athletes nationwide to stay active and fit through Buddy Up Tennis, Buddy Up Fitness, and Buddy Up Zumba, right at home! 

Will and Sarah are landing in the living rooms of Athletes across the country, as they appear and inspire in the live and interactive Buddy Up Tennis At-Home Clinics, as well as the Buddy Up Fitness on Demand videos. Throughout the Buddy Up Tennis At-Home Clinics, one can find Sarah dancing enthusiastically to the moves she learned from Buddy Up Zumba. Similarly, Will can be seen drenched with sweat from the hard work of 40 straight minutes of Coach Kyle’s Buddy Up Fitness On Demand videos. Athletes can relate to Will and Sarah, not only because they share the extra copy of the twenty-first chromosome, but also because Will and Sarah’s welcoming and kind demeanors shine on and off-camera.


For those Athletes who have never met Will and Sarah, they will certainly make two new friends through the Buddy Up Tennis Virtual Programming! At Buddy Up Tennis, we know that it is of the utmost importance to meet the needs of our Athlete families, and Will, Sarah, and our Athletes nationwide continue to guide the work that we do on the courts, in the gym, and at home.