At Buddy Up Tennis, we are fortunate to work with many passionate young people every day. We meet them on the courts through Buddy Up Tennis, but their dedication to our Athletes extends beyond the courts. This summer, we had the opportunity to work closely with 7 amazing young adults who devoted their time to learning about Buddy Up Tennis, creating Buddy Up Summer Pals, and gardening with our Athletes.

Buddy Up Tennis Summer Intern

Presley Doss

Senior, New Albany High School

“I worked with amazing people, including Beth Gibson, Allison Davis, and the New Albany Athletes, for my Senior Seminar Project for school. I helped pilot test the Buddy Up for Life program and spotlight the Athletes during Buddy Up Kickboxing and Zumba. This summer, I learned how incredible the Buddy Up Tennis program is and how awesome the Athletes are. I got the chance to watch, first hand, the growth of 4 Athletes in their conversational skills. The Athletes will always have a place in my heart.”

Summer Pals Committee

Lauren Motta

Senior, Columbus Academy

“My favorite part of the program was creating the friendship I now have with Jason. I didn’t know him well before this program, but thanks to Summer Pals, we have bonded and made many great memories together.”

Emily Motta 

Sophomore, Columbus Academy

“My favorite part of this program was watching it come to life. We started with just talking about ideas at the beginning of it all, but to see it all come together and happen right in front of my eyes was the best part!”

Spandana Amirneni

Junior, Columbus Academy

“My favorite part of Buddy Up Summer Pals 2020 was seeing (through pictures and videos) how much fun Buddies and Athletes were having together because of our program. As a buddy, I also really enjoyed dancing and karaoking with my own Athlete.”

Viraj Bajoria

Junior, Dublin Jerome High School

“I loved seeing so many new friendships form between people of all ages and different backgrounds!”


Harper Anderson

Senior, New Albany High School

“For my Senior Seminar project I taught kids how to grow vegetables and then donate them to the New Albany Food Pantry. My highlight of working with the Athletes was that they did not see it as work and they just love to be outside learning and seeing how things grow.”