Buddy Up for Life is honored to partner with Healthy New Albany to bring our Cooking For Life classes.  From the state-of-the-art kitchen facilities, to our amazing instructor Eileen Pewitt, this is proving to be a wonderful partnership that is truly impactful in the lives of our Athletes!

Cooking for Life classes started during the summer of 2020 and have been evolving ever since. The program works to fit the culinary skill needs of our Athletes, helping them work toward independence in their everyday lives and work environments. In partnership with the New Albany Food Pantry and Eileen Pewitt, their Culinary and Education Coordinator, our Athletes are enthusiastically embracing the fundamentals of the kitchen, including general safety, cutting and knife skills, measuring, reading and following recipes, boiling, steaming, and so much more! 

Chef Eileen challenges each of our Athletes to build their own cooking foundation, encouraging and enabling them to be confident in the kitchen, at home, and in the community. Each class includes an opportunity for our Athletes to cook a different recipe and to practice the skills they learned, and the hands-on teaching style fosters cooking-skills confidence.  As the levels of the program progress, our Athletes build upon the foundation from previous classes by learning to create meals and to meal prep for both themselves and larger groups.

Healthy New Albany promotes a culture of health and wellness for those who live, work and attend school in the community. A wide variety of classes and community programs, geared toward enjoying life while improving health, are offered. 

Thank you to Healthy New Albany for your generosity and support of the Buddy Up Life Skills programs!