Sheila Broadus had a traditional start to volunteering with Buddy Up Tennis, her daughter and her were looking for service hours that they could fulfill for USTA Texas. But, like many Buddy Up Tennis Buddies, once Sheila and her daughter Savannah hit the courts, there was no turning back, they were hooked! Today, in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, Sheila continues to find innovative ways to work with our Athletes. 

The first time Sheila stepped foot on the Buddy Up Tennis courts in Dallas, she shared that her experience was unlike any other. “When I first volunteered with Buddy Up Tennis, it was so amazing, I got the chills and had tears in my eyes. It was the most magnificent experience for the Athletes and volunteers like myself.”

As a local tennis pro in Dallas, Sheila gets her share of coaching on the courts, but has described coaching the Buddy Up Tennis Athletes as a unique experience. She has worked with many different populations in her years as a teaching pro, but to her “working with the Buddy Up Tennis Athletes is the most gratifying experience of being a tennis coach.”

Recently through our Buddy Up Connections Program, Sheila has taken a few Athletes and their Buddies onto the courts to sharpen their skills that she helped develop at Buddy Up Tennis. Sheila has cultivated amazing relationships with these Athletes and their families and shared that one Athlete is even driving over 40 minutes to hit with her and his Buddy each week. 

Not only did Sheila take the initiative to work with these Dallas Athletes and their Buddies, but tennis runs in her family and she continues to involve her daughter, as well. “The Buddies including my daughter connect so well with our Athletes, because as tennis players themselves, they get just as excited as the Athletes on the court.” 

There is one thing missing though from Sheila’s time on the courts with our Athletes-the hugs! Elbow bumps and racquet high fives will have to do for now!

Sheila’s commitment to our Athletes is extremely evident and our gratitude for her dedication to sharing her expertise is immense. Thank you to Sheila and our hundreds of other Buddies, nationwide.