For years, Columbus Athletes have been welcomed to the courts by Taylor Ruby and her infectious smile and energy. From high school Buddy to college Buddy to corporate accountant Buddy, Taylor has not ceased in her dedication to our Athletes through many of her life’s chapters. In March, Taylor was honored as one of 11 Wendy’s company employees for her eight-year community engagement efforts as a Buddy with Buddy Up Tennis.

In 2018, Taylor told Kate Snow from NBC Nightly News, “The Athletes impact my life way more than I think I impact their lives. I love developing the relationships with our Athletes that I have over the years.” At Buddy Up Tennis, Buddies like Taylor are profoundly impacted by our Athletes, and similarly, our Athletes’ lives are enlivened and changed by Taylor’s positive spirit, kindness and friendship, all integral components of  Buddy Up Tennis programming.

Taylor is a model Buddy Up Tennis Columbus Buddy in every way. From the minute she steps onto the courts, she gives our Athletes 110% of her bubbly personality and determination to succeed. The Wendy’s Community Engagement Honor is extremely fitting for Taylor, and her Buddy Up Tennis Columbus family is beyond proud of her compassionate efforts in working with our Athletes over the years. 

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