The Buddy Up Tennis Naperville location knows how to end a year of tennis and fitness clinics on a strong note: with a community wide celebration! For the past three years, Buddy Up Tennis Naperville has been partnering with Five Star Tennis to hold the annual Spring Fling Fundraising event to support Buddy Up Tennis Naperville and the Serve It Up Foundation! This year, the team raised $10,000 for the two organizations. The evening is filled with family tennis fun for all, including free drills and prize courts for the adults, and a scavenger hunt for the kids.

The evening culminated in a spotlight on our Athletes, as all Naperville Athletes participated in a Star Level Showcase to share their skills with the participants. Naperville Coordinator Katie notes her favorite part of the evening: “I loved seeing our Five Star Community stay for the Athlete Star Level Showcase and cheer on our Athletes!”

Since launching the Naperville location in 2016, the location has grown to over 25 Athletes at the weekly clinics. In addition, we will be holding our second Buddy Up Tennis Summer Camp in Naperville this summer. The annual Spring Fling Fundraiser has certainly grown with the growing community that Katie has built with her team of Athletes, Buddies and Coaches. In fact, Katie shares that the event has big plans to continue on for years to come!

“The Spring Fling is growing every year because it is an important time to celebrate a great year of Buddy Up Tennis,” Katie said. “It’s also the perfect opportunity for the community to come out to have a blast supporting two amazing organizations: Buddy Up Tennis and the Serve It Up Foundation!”

Save the date for the 2020 Spring Fling, April 17th!