Back by popular demand, Buddy Up Kickboxing and Buddy Up Zumba were stellar experiences for our Athletes this summer, as these well-loved classes continued to foster strong, fit, and confident Athletes, right in their own homes! The weekly, ongoing, and virtual programs provided our Athletes with an active routine similar to Buddy Up Tennis, with high-energy, engaging and fun instructors. 

Buddy Up Kickboxing instructor Coach Jill Hasskew kept our Athletes active via upbeat rounds of squats, punches and kicks. Coach Kimberly Skeie, our Buddy Up Zumba instructor, taught our Athletes fun choreographed dances to keep everyone moving and smiling throughout an entire exciting hour-long dance party.

With a focus on lively exercise, our Athletes are raising their heartbeats without even knowing it! In particular, the classes have focused on the development of many of the physical skills our Athletes practice on the courts, including coordination, balance, agility, endurance, stamina, and more!

Not only did Coach Jill and Miss Kimberly keep our Athletes moving, they also fostered confidence through unique engagement strategies that are new to the virtual programming space. While continuing to model the routines, Coach Jill regularly checked in with each Athlete to monitor their progress. Each week at Buddy Up Zumba, Coach Kimberly ended her classes with positive self-affirmations, which help to increase our Athletes’ self-confidence. Each Athlete looked forward to the “end of class time,” where they got super close to their computer camera and smiled as Miss Kimberly shared the word of the week with each of them. One of the favorite affirmations was, “Unique means one of a kind. There is nobody else like you. YOU are unique! Repeat after me: ‘I am unique.’”