The challenges of 2020 enabled us to create a unique and completely virtual event that would provide our Athletes and Buddies with the exciting opportunity to work together to achieve a new and inspiring level of skill. The jump rope event Buddy Up Jump was born! To prepare, Buddy Up Connections practiced their jump-roping skills each week, crushing their goals and exceeding expectations.

Leading up to the event, fitness Instagram influencers joined the Buddy Up Nation for the first time ever! The Jump Rope Dudes, a widely known fitness account, crafted an awesome Instagram post showing off the impressive skills of our Athletes. In case you missed it, we also featured an Instagram Live workout hosted by RoseyTimesTwo, up-and-coming workout sisters, who also served as Buddy Up Tennis Buddies!

Jump roping is the perfect balance between challenging and fun, so it’s perfect for Buddy Up Tennis, which is always raising the bar for our Buddies and Athletes. At the actual Buddy Up Jump event, over 100 participants competed and cheered our Athletes on. The morning’s events included a Zumba warmup, jump roping tips and tricks, and a jump roping contest to help our Athletes reach and exceed personal goals. The Bouncing Bulldogs team, a youth jump roping team from North Carolina, and Blake McCormick from BuyJumpRopes.Net, an international online jump rope store, also joined in on the fun. They both taught unique routines to everyone that will be exciting to practice to prepare for next year’s Buddy Up Jump event.

Thanks in part to your support through Facebook, Instagram, personal requests and our generous sponsors, we have raised $80,000 to support our Athletes, Buddies, and Communities through the Buddy Up Connections, and for our other amazing 2021 programs. Buddy Up Tennis founder Beth Gibson beams with pride: “I found it inspiring to see so many of our Athletes and Buddies from across the nation Zoom together to jump for more.” 

Buddy Up Jump unified the Buddy Up Nation in unique ways. The year 2020 brought many unforeseen circumstances, and we were able to make the most of an unprecedented time by engaging our Buddies and Athletes in new ways! This event was filled with so much healthy competition, camaraderie, fun, and excitement. We’re so proud of all of the amazing work of our Buddies and Athletes leading up to and during this event. We also are extremely grateful for all of the support we received from our sponsors and families. This event was very special to us, and we sincerely hope to see everyone again for next year’s event!