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Program Overview

Buddy Up Fitness on Demand is a full-body workout class designed for our Athletes with Down syndrome in the comfort of their own homes. Our training program is designed to combine activities that both increase heart rate and strengthen muscles, with particular attention to core strengthening and conditioning. Each of our training videos includes a cardio warm-up, a routine of 8 exercises, and a session of floor work focusing on the core for the finale. 

Fitness exercises consist of a variety of body weight and free-weight movements that allow for the program to be run with minimal use of complex equipment or items from your own home.  Buddy Up Fitness on Demand is filled with challenges and enjoyment to help our Athletes to continue to improve their physical fitness and achieve their personal best. Hand weights and kettlebells are ideal but 2 soup cans, any type of a playground or medicine ball can be used as well. 

Create a safe workout space and encourage a family member to be a Buddy to provide support, ensure proper form and technique, track progress on the fitness log and offer encouragement. Grab your hand weights or soup cans to get started!

What you receive

Access to 3 Buddy Up Fitness Training Videos

Buddy Up Fitness Training Logs

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World Down Syndrome Day Special: